We’re about ready for marriage counseling!

Now that we are both retired, we’ve got lots of time on our hands. Sometimes we decide to run our errands together, but when we do, we are often ready to tear each other apart.

This didn’t happen when we were both working, as we had separate cars. We could manage our time accordingly. I would run my errands and she would run hers. Occasionally we would take turns driving. But when we did that, it wasn’t pretty.

It’s hard to drive when your partner’s in the car. You both bring different problem-solving skills…

Look out! Here they come!

I live in Florida right now. It’s been an adjustment leaving my friends in California and everything that was once familiar to me. I am getting to know new people, a new demographic, and trying to assimilate into a community that is very different from where I used to live.

But it’s not always easy.

There are two migrations every year as the snowbirds come down here in November. And then the those who live in Florida often leave for the summer to head for cooler weather.

Because I live year-round, it is interesting to…

I’ve got mixed emotions on this one…

A few women in my neighborhood have recently undergone plastic surgery. Yeah, they look younger. They look revitalized. And their confidence has soared. But I have mixed emotions about this.

I have done a few things over the years including coloring my hair, using liquid nitrogen to remove age spots, and whitening my teeth from time to time. Occasionally I have tried some over-priced creams to hopefully make me look better.

But undergoing the knife? I’m not so sure about that.

I’m not…

Are you afraid to die? I’m not. I have heard many stories about what happens when you die, and apparently it is a very beautiful experience.

The week before my mother passed away, she started seeing people in the room. She had been battling lung cancer for six months, and her death was imminent.

In the hospital, I watched as she looked up toward the ceiling. There, she claimed to see her first husband, her oldest son, her best friend, and of course many of her deceased brothers and sisters.

The look on her face was so joyful…

Life may be harder, but so many things are still possible!

OK, let’s face it. This aging process isn’t fun. There I’ve said it. End of statement.

We all get down from time to time about the things we used to do which are difficult now. There are lots of them. But I’d like to make a short list of things that I’m still able to do. And for these things I am eternally grateful.

What’s with all those purse-a-holics?

What’s with women and their purses? So many women I know are obsessed with their handbags, along with shoes, jewelry, makeup, hair, etc. I just don’t get it.

I have never been one to subscribe to the common notions of femininity and style, except when I was in corporate life. I had lots of designer bags then, partially because it was expected of me.

After I retired, all that stuff was no longer that important. I prefer comfort to fashion now. …

Life was fundamentally altered on that day…

What were you doing 20 years ago? As I’ve aged, my memory of some things has shifted a bit, but some recollections are still very fertile, including what happened on 9/11. Perhaps this incident is still very lucid for you as well.

It was the morning of September 11, 2001. I had broken my knee three days before, from slipping on some cobblestones in Switzerland. Now back in Los Angeles, I was waiting to get clearance so I could get my surgery.

I am an early riser, so I got up and lumbered downstairs to put on the coffee. My…

I miss them, yet it’s so hard.

I miss having a pet. Well, sort of. In my thirty years with my partner, we have had six pets together — five cats and one dog. But we don’t have any pets now. We feel we are too old to deal with them.

The challenge of having a pet as you get older is much more complicated. It’s simple when you’re thirty and can run down the stairs with ease, or throw a ball 100 yards. …

A magical moment when he arrived…

A month has passed since we put down our two cats. Yes, you read it correctly. Two cats. Putting down one animal is hard enough. We doubled that grief.

Collectively, we have had a total of seven pets over the 27 years we’ve been together-six cats and one dog to be exact. We have had to say goodbye to all of them. When we put down our calico Milly in 2015, only two cats remained.

Both were elderly. Sparky was twenty, and Holly was fourteen. Up until 2015, they were both in pretty good shape. But I think they started…

Did I leave the stove on?

Remember those times when you used to spring out of bed, and tackle the days with glee? I used to get up, walk the dog, and then go running for 5 to 7 miles. Getting out of bed now is an orchestrated event, along with other tasks that are filled with surprises and challenges.

My brother used to warn me that once you hit your 60s, your body begins to change. He was right. And now I just have to laugh about it because most of us are in the same boat. …

Mary McGrath

Mary currently writes from Naples, FL. Some of her credits include: Newsweek, Wall St. Journal, Good Housekeeping, and Chicken Soup for the Soul.

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